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Mashaal Omer Khan

Mashaal Omer Khan has been exploring scents since her early teens. Her love and absolute obsession with perfumes and particularly oud ones is what drove her and kick started her passion to start her own brand. Since childhood growing up with Arab friends, she has had a connection and deep rooted love for Arabic traditions and culture but living in KSA for nearly 10 years made her develop a stronger understanding and association with the divine smell of the different variants of oriental oud & bakhoor fragrances.

For a long time now, Mashaal has been researching and working tirelessly with perfumeries to blend and create the perfect notes for oud scents. We have used the most lavish, celestial and exquisite oil note blends to create the perfect fragrances.

From the super intense, long lasting scent to the packaging, everything chosen is the absolute best quality to ensure you feel as good as you smell and to make certain your vanity looks just as great too! Our fragrances will give you an aromatic insight into the rich and royal Arabic culture. All our products are entirely produced, manufactured and packaged in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We hope you love and enjoy our fragrances just as much as we did creating them!

Shukran Jazilan

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